cgc administrators 

Administrators are commissioned to support members within CGC Charter, Code of Conduct, administrator’s guidance notes and areas of interests, administrators do not hold permanent positions and can be rotated. All administrators are tasked to regulate member groups, ensuring best practice, administrators are accountable for their own actions and as such breaches by administrators will be treated more severely than CGC members. Administrators act as a body of guidance and support, and have the powers to issue “Yellow” & “Red” cards depending on the type, level or seriousness of a breach.


All CGC members are required to self-regulate their practices within the “C” and “CC”, become leaders in their own right, recommend and initiate action for good causes, every member has an equal vote and should this as and when required.  


Administrators will encourage all members to draw on their experience and specialisms to create an environment of CGC opportunities, not just by identifying problems or what we should do, but offering solutions-based outcomes and a call for individual and group action.


Online Meetings


Administrators will aim to provide an opportunity for members to attend monthly meetings with their respective CGC groups to update, share and allow a cohesion of information, solutions, time focussed & action.





Aim - Create an opportunity where members can relax, come together, enjoy each other’s company, on points of sports, hold debates, relaxed environment with times of excitement and competitiveness, develop new and sustained member relationships though the power of sports.  


SLY – Sport & Community Specialist Enthusiast  

TIM - Sport Enthusiast 

JOCK – Sport Enthusiast





Aim – An injection of business interests, dynamic approaches, investing in our own, members and wider communities, bringing interests to life, networking, supporting each other, governance, allocation of funds, development of business directory, business advice centre & achieving best practice models, reporting back to the “Collective” platform, whilst empowering members to take leadership roles in the development and sustainability of CGC business for the next generation.




Aim – Music and Culture is a significant part in our identity, purpose and direction, talks and sharing of music, role models, celebration of cultures, dynamic approaches, investing in our own, members and wider communities, bringing interests to life, networking, governance, allocation of funds, achieving best practice models, empowering members to take leadership roles in the development and sustainability of CGC for the next generation.





Aim – The collective is the main hub, where members come together as one platform, to discuss general issues, a notice board for all, encouraging members to problem solve, bring ideas and solution-based outcomes, share information of interests within “C” & “CC” framework, form networking and develop relationships with fellow members. Collective to offer support & guidance across all platforms as a unified approach.




Aim – CGC members are all encouraged to identity needy causes, carryout their own due diligence and then refer the matter to the oversight committee for review, deliberation and voting. Oversight committee will publish statement of purpose and vetting procedures, for transparency, monthly bank statements will be published on the collective platform, The oversight committee to provide nominated oversight committee members to come together and follow an agreed process of due diligence and procedures for allocating funds for needy causes, committee members can nominate a chair who would provide opportunities for its members to deliberate on issues of need and type or amount of funds, the oversight committee must publish their recommendations on the collective platform for 7 days in emergencies 48 hours, before funds is released this will allow all CGC members to constructively challenge or agree upon the committee’s recommendations. Were the oversight committee refuses an application/request to support, they must publish giving reasons why on the main collective platform and inform the enquirer in writing.


The Chair and oversight committee members are not permanent positions, has the same voting rights as any other committee member and should be rotated annually or before. CGC oversight committee must work within CGC Charter, Code of Practice and this administrators’ guidance notes. The oversight committee must balance their approach concerning vetting procedures such as reducing Red Tape to allow individuals and small causes to receive funds without exhaustive questioning or delays. Example 1., your next-door neighbour, and elderly black women 92 years old, has no family or friends, her fridge is broken down, and she has no money to replace it, a call for action, CGC should carry out a welfare check, purchase the fridge and ask questions later, 2) example; a CGC member provides voluntary services for needy causes, invest within, why reinvent the wheel, it’s about change not about who.





Aim – On acceptance of memberships, all CGC members are required accept the CGC Charter, Code of Conduct and administrators guidance notes, members are encouraged to take an active part in the delivery of CGC’s functions and services, great emphasis is based upon individual contributions of their personal time in effecting positive outcomes for all, CGC members are encouraged to attend zoom meetings and events in the best interest of CGC, your participation is important to us in supporting those who are in need of CGC support. Members who fail to attend meetings, events or post information for long periods including administrators & oversight committee members can be suspended from CGC. The purpose of this process to maximise individual and group participation, your knowledge and experience will take CGC to new and exciting opportunities.





Aim- To provide members an opportunity to come together as one, enjoy each other’s company, eat, drink, listen to music, play games, laugh and relax, network, strengthen relationships, and celebrate each other’s accomplishments, a small portion of events may focus on CGC opportunities that may assist others.





Aim - All complaints should be directed to Sly as the nominated administrator. Arbitrators will be made up by a number of administrators and founders.

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