The Code of Conduct have been designed to promote members structure and self-regulated leadership roles, by following key points listed below.



  1. Members must empower each other through respect and dignity at all times,

  2. Support your brethren, greet each other with warmth, kindness, upholding one’s character and respecting difference of opinions 

  3. Positively challenge anyone who attempts to show any rudeness, disrespect towards members and correct any behaviours that undermine CGC’s principals of respect, dignity, kindness, character, quality of experience and autonomy

  4. Refrain from using any form of verbal abuse or physical threats

  5. Not to place CGC into any forms of disrepute

  6. Must not copy any personal contacts from other members unless they obtain their express permission,

  7. Not to share or forward any member’s contact details or conversations to any third parties unless you have their express permission

  8. Not to enlist other CGC members from CGC platforms, such as joining other groups

  9. Members posts should be positive in nature and solution based, happy to share the problem, but solutions are far more effective,

  10. Not to post any material that could be seen politically incorrect, such as sexiest remarks, discrimination on any race, religion, gender, nude and explicit material, or otherwise.

  11. Not to post any degrading comments to other members on the CGC platforms 

  12. Not to post any COVID material that may influence or change members opinions or decisions, but to empower individuals to be safe following Covid Guidelines

  13. Carryout out a fact check exercise before posting informational material, so informed decisions are appropriately made,

  14. Not to post any judgements or assume other members are less worthy due to their non-involvement, participation or financial contributions, the collective is required to demonstrate humility. 

  15. Member who falls below the standards of the Code of Conduct can be issued a Yellow Card – Warning, Red Card – suspension or permanent removal from CGC, this is dependent on the level of the breach.


This Code of Conduct will be reviewed and changed accordingly to the needs and threats to CGC


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