CGC was developed in June 2020 and quickly grew into a focussed group of successful black men in their chosen fields, through music, arts, business, life experiences and positions of influence, providing a rapid response in affecting positive change for people of colour in the UK and Aboard.


This charter has been designed to provide all members structure, aims of CGC, and self-regulated leadership roles.


  1. Members who have contributed their time and financial offerings for needy causes we thank you for your continued support, to streamline CGC’s efforts to continue to support our communities, members are now required to subscribe a minimum of £10, per month, members can increase their monthly subscription at any time, members are not obligated to make further offerings for needy causes, but are encouraged to do so, depending on their interests.


  1. CGC is a non for profit and uses all of its members subscriptions and offerings for CGC activities, no one is paid, they continue to offer their time and services completely free, there is no personal financial benefit for any member of CGC, but a moral obligation to help others who are in desperate need.


  1. CGC prides it-self through adopting a collective approach, this enables members to self-regulate, lead, participate, create positive change, and inclusiveness


  1. Provide a platform were CGC members can come together, network, form new and sustainable relationships, support each other, when necessary, be a friend, be a brother, be a father.


  1. Share learnings, ideas, and opportunities to strengthen the CGC brand through the CGC Collective, Music, Sports, Business, Black Arts & CGC Offerings


  1. Create networking opportunities where individual members can maximise on their personal and professional development


  1. Identify and support worthy causes for investments and initiatives     


  1. Invest and support black led groups and individuals to assist our communities through deprivation, learning, education, skill building and more. For example, 92-year-old elderly Caribbean woman living alone, no family or friends, her fridge is broken down, and she has no money, CGC should carry out a welfare visit make a determination of need and purchase the fridge, we support all. 

  1. To provide appropriate governance in critiquing potential causes whilst safeguarding CGC’s from internal and external threats.


  1. As a mark of respect, CGC to attend any fallen members funerals to offer any support for families were necessary.


  1. All members are encouraged to take an active role in the development and service delivery of CGC’s objectives


  1. Each platform will have their own designated administrators to provide a level of governance, advice and support, however the collective is made up by all of its members, and are required to take leadership roles on CGC’s initiatives.   


  1. All members will have equal voting rights




This Charter will be reviewed and changed accordingly to the strengths, weakness, opportunities and threats to CGC


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